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UNO I -  Minimalist Design,I Define My Backpacks

UNO I - Minimalist Design,I Define My Backpacks

UNO I - Minimalist Design,I Define My Backpacks
  • May 10, 2017
  • Posted By : NIID
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As a backpack lover,there are over ten backpacks were collected on my house.we all knows backpack is essential part of our daily life,people often take different bags to fit different occations.but I am looking for one backpack can interchanged freely in different occations,having mega storages ,of course stylish looking, that’s the reason why I fall in love with this backpack I talk below.

“UNO” derived from number “1” in Spanish that means persuited modern minimalistic and creative design for consumer,as the picture shows it’s modern minimalist of style that one piece of fabric,one zipper turn into the whole backpack.it will be like a flatted fabric if you open that zipper.

The inside panel are interchangeable that depand on your options (starderd,art,sport,camera shooting),you can define your backpack by changing different panel to fit your need,and two pieces of velcro in charge of fixing panel.It’s really smart design that I don’t have to go back home for change my bag from work office to road ride ,saving time and money.The function of one UNO I backpack exceed more than four bags,why I chose another one ?

Define your backpack with camera bags,sport bags,business work bags,travel bags,art or makeup bags by changing panel.

Maybe someone would confuse that whether inside stuff would all drop out if we open zipper by accident as the whole backpack will separate by opening zipper.You don’t need to worried about that cause this tiny buckle help to fix it ,just pull this zipper till that lock,it’s no difference between commen backpack and this backpack.

With 30 liters of internal carry space this backpack does not look too bulky even when full but the inside compartments are perfect for carrying all of your daily essentials.

UNO I backpack is made of premium materials like a durable water repellent eco nylon, high quality of YKK zipper,with that materials It’s no wonder UNO I are such popularing with outdoor lover.

There are some sweet design,relieving your shoulder with wide comfortable shoulder strap ,and fit design with ergonomic cutting.travel friendly belt for your luggage convenient to trip.

On the right corner of backpack you will find Power-Dock that you don’t need to charge by putting your phone in bag when it is low on juice,just put portable battery inside pocket of backpack and connect it and charging your cephone anytime everywhere if you want!

UNO I is considered the first functional and interchangeable backpack with strong storage space and utility pocket that is designed to carry your daily essentials.We love that NIID designed this backpack with functionality in mind.

It’s totally six invisible pocket of the whole backpack.You can put some of tiny stuff like headphone,USB cable on the side of bag’s invisible pocket.mesh pocket can be space of water bottle and umbrella.

One cool feature that we love are twin easy-access pockets special made for important small items like your wallet,identity card,passport keep from thefting during the trip.Personally,It’s easier for me to take metro card and wallet.

UNO I backpack can be storaged as small long striped by rolled it up that save your space in daily life.

All in all ,UNO I backpack is considerated innovative backapck with modern minimalist design & functional features for men that perfect for wearing to office,outdoor,camera shooting,art sketching that care every details for living and fit different demand.we all love NIID cause it’s design makes it a great go-to everyday backpack that will have everything you need to conquer the day.I am looking forward to more creative design from NIID,hope you do!Fall in love with UNO I ?Click below photo to purchase it !

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